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An ultimate guide to erectile dysfunction treatments


Erectile dysfunctions result in a man having the inability to keep a firm erection. For years, this disease has been part of society without addressing, but people are coming out these days. This disease has affected many men throughout the U.S. In Brooklyn, New York, for instance, the demand for urological services is rising more due to this.

If you visit a competent urologist, the erectile dysfunction (ED) will not stand a chance of prevailing. With these specialists, you may notice that they can offer guidance on the ways to fight the disease. Generally, many practical ways are acting like an absolute solution to erectile dysfunctions. Here are some pointers.


The oral medications of FDA-approved drugs common when dealing with ED include:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Cialis
  • Levitra 

These medications increase the nitrogen oxide around the penile muscles, which results in the relaxation of muscles. This helps in boosting the blood flow, which later assists in achieving an erection. 

For the right results, taking these pills needs to be between one and two hours before the sexual intercourse. If you are under medication for nitrates for your heart, avoiding these pills is crucial.


There are times when the oral medications fail to work hence the other next alternative in treating ED. When it comes to the choices of the injectables, there are choices on the medicines. What is essential is going for the FDA-approved drugs, as you can be sure of not experiencing some side effects.

For instance, you may consider starting self-injection therapy with the prostaglandin E1. The treatment has proven to be effective for many Brooklyn men. What you do is inject the medication into the side of the penis. Here you use a fine needle.

Sometimes, inaccuracies can discourage one from continuing with the self-injection therapies, especially when there are adverse effects.


When dealing with ED, the focus is mainly on the medical areas, but the truth is manynon-medical solutions are game-changing. One of them is losing weight. Having excess body fat usually interferes with the circulation of blood through the arteries and veins.

This is why overweight people sometimes struggle with erectile dysfunction issues. Therefore, create a physical exercise plan in your schedule. Also, look for the proper diet. Make consultations with your doctor, and everything will flow smoothly.


This treatment poses more risk than all the above methods, but it is the most satisfactory. The crucial thing is first discussing with the urologist handlingthe penile implant all the pros and cons. In a 3-piece penile implant, two cylinders within the penis get engorged with water from a reservoir. The bulb within the scrotum controls the transfer of the artificial fluid to and from the reservoir.

Erectile dysfunctions are common in Brooklyn, New York, just like in other states. What is essential is finding the right treatments, and the first thing is seeing a highly skilled urologist. From here, you will know about the different treatment options which you may explore. These conclude the self-injection therapies, oral medications, and penile implants. There are also non-medical options through proper weight management.

You need to have the proper guidance to do it. Therefore, find aUrologist in Brooklyn, New York, who can explain everything.