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How to cure erectile dysfunction without drugs


An erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability of a man to have or keep a firm erection. Statistics show that millions of men have been diagnosed with the condition over the last decade. In Brooklyn, New York, the studies show that ED is growing more common. The chances of getting the condition increase with age. The good thing is that the problem is reversible if only one follows the proper methods.

Urologists are strong pillars when seeking these treatments. What people hardly recognize is that besides the medical treatments, there are some remedies that require no drugs. The change of lifestyle can bring promising results within a short time. Which are these non-medical methods?


Studies have derived a close connection between ED and excess body weight. Erectile dysfunction is more dominant among men who are obese. What extra weight does is inhibit the circulation of blood within the blood vessels. An absolute solution is to hit the gym or develop a workout program, allowing the burning of excess calories.

Through exercises, you help not only the blood circulation but also the balancing of the hormonal levels. This allows a lot in making the testosterone hormones concentration optimal. The overall benefit is improvements in the sex drive hence a happy sex life.


People do go through tough times in their lives. It could be pressure from work, conflicts within the marriage, or even financial instability. Brooklyn-based urologists are finding it essential to hold talks with patients before the treatment. This helps in making clear the primary cause of the ED in you.

Be open in such discussions as this will help in coming up with a comprehensive solution. Dealing with the stressors in your life can change many things in your mindset and overall sex life. These professionals also offer guidance in weight management issues.


Research shows that eating healthily has a considerable benefit in the maintenance of sexual functions. This means that if you want to deal with ED or reduce the risk of getting it in the first place, find healthy diets. The best strategy is going for low-carb diets.

Let the large proportions of the daily consumption be of vegetables, fruits, nuts, white meat, and legumes. With plenty of flavonoids present in coffee and tea, you lower the risk of getting ED. Fruits and vegetables keep you healthy, which translates to a boost in your sexual life.


The brain tends to control everything, including the body’s metabolism. Therefore, when you have proper sleep, the brain tends to perform accordingly. Additionally, enough sleep brings the testosterone to the correct levels, which lifts your sex drive also. Thus it is necessary to ensure that you have a regular sleeping pattern as this is essential.

Healthy sleeping will also reduce other related conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction is reversible, mainly when one follows the proper steps. Most importantly, there are non-medical approaches that are much more elementary. Speaking to a Urologist can help you know which strategies matter. In Brooklyn, there are some competent specialists who can offer you assistance.

Find a Urologist in Brooklyn, New York, who can guide you well.