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Jonathan Lazare, MD

Penile Implant Discussion

A Penile Implant May Be the Best Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Are you a man dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED)? If so, you are far from alone. According to data from the Boston University School of Medicine Sexual Health, 25 percent of men between the ages of 40 and 70 have serious erectile dysfunction. 10 percent of the men within this age group have severe or complete erectile dysfunction—defined at the total inability to maintain an erection.

At Lazare Urology, we provide top-quality, fully personalized urology services to patients in New York City, including treating erectile dysfunction. Here, our Brooklyn urologist for penile implants provides an overview of the key things to know about a penile implant as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is a Physical and Mental Health Issue

As common as it is, erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing, frustrating, and all-around stressful medical issue for a man to deal with. It can be the sign of an underlying physical health, it can cause problems in marriages or other intimate relationships, and it can harm a man’s self-esteem and mental health. You should never feel like you have to suffer through erectile dysfunction on your own. There are a number of different treatment options available, including:

  • Mental health counseling;
  • Lifestyle changes to increase and improper sexual health;
  • Prescription medications including Viagra, Cialis, Levitra,
  • Penile self-injection therapy and
  • Penile implants.

The proper treatment strategy for ED depends entirely on the underlying cause of poor sexual functioning. For example, a 25-year-old man who can obtain an erection on his own but is struggling to perform with a partner likely has psychological-induced ED. Some combination of counseling and medication may be the best option. For men with more serious (complete) ED, a more intensive intervention may be required. A penile implant may be the best option.

Penile Implants Can Treat Severe Erectile Dysfunction

As noted previously, one-quarter of American men between the ages of 40 and 70 have some form of chronic erectile dysfunction. Over half of these patients have mild or moderate erectile dysfunction. Medications such as Viagra or Cialis may be the right treatment option in these cases.

Severe erectile dysfunction or complete inability to get an erection is often associated with underlying diabetes. These patients will benefit from a more intensive treatment option called a penile implant, Here are five important things to know about penile implants and erectile dysfunction:

Two Main Types of Penile Implants for ED: If you are considering getting a penile implant for erectile dysfunction, you should know that you have two main options available. The first option is something called an “AMS 700 3 Piece” penile implant. Essentially, this type of implant involves three layers of silicon that go within the penis. The other, “Coloplast Titan 3 Piece”, uses a type of polymer known as Bioflex instead of silicon. With both types of implants, there is a pump in place that allows the man to inflate the implant as he sees fit. An experienced New York penile implant urologist can answer any specific questions you have about these options.

Know the Limits: With all medical procedures, it is important to understand the limits. A penile implant will not increase sexual desire or increase sensation. They allow men to get and maintain an erection who otherwise are unable to do so. It is a discrete device—meaning once it is inserted it is not obvious.

A One-Hour, Outpatient Procedure: A penile implant is typically an outpatient procedure that takes approximately one hour to complete. A successful implant operation does not require any extended stay in a hospital. Quite the contrary, a patient is actually discharged and able to go home the same day as the operation.

Penile Implants Will Not Increase Size: You may be wondering if a penile implant to address erectile dysfunction will have an effect on your size. As a general rule, these types of penile implants will not increase your size. On the contrary, most patients experience a slight decrease in the size of their penis. To be clear, the reduction is quite small. It is usually somewhere around one-fourth of an inch. For many people, it is not noticeable, especially if the penile implant successfully restores one’s ability to get an erection.

You May or May Not Be a Strong Candidate for a Penile Implant: Penile implants are not the right option for everyone. Some people with erectile dysfunction may be better off with an alternative treatment method. You should always have an open and honest conversation with an experienced urologist. Some potential candidates for penile implants to treat ED issues include transgender men, people with diabetes, people with Peyronie’s Disease, and people who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

You Can Rely On Brooklyn Urologist Dr. Jonathan Lazare for Sexual Health

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be difficult to deal with on a physical, psychological, and emotional level. A penile implant is a big step—but it might be the best path forward for you and your partner. As a board-certified urology professional and a nationally-respected expert on men’s sexual health, Jonathan Lazare, MD can help. Among other things, Dr. Lazare is prepared to:

  • Hear your story, answer your questions, and address your concerns;
  • Review your medical history and assess the viability of other ED treatment options; and
  • Perform a penile implant at the state-of-the-art operating room in his Brooklyn office.

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