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Jonathan Lazare, MD

Premature Ejaculation

What is Secondary Premature Ejaculation and How Can It Be Treated?

The Cleveland Clinic describes premature ejaculation as when an individual “orgasms and ejaculates earlier during intercourse than he or his partner would like.” Bear in mind, that the average time for ejaculation during intercourse is just over 7 minutes. Somewhere between 30 percent and 40 percent of men are dealing with premature ejaculation. To be clear, there is no specific length of time that makes ejaculation “premature”—it depends, in part, on the preferences of a man and his partner.

What is the Difference Between Primary and Secondary Premature Ejaculation?

Primary premature ejaculation means that the patient has suffered from this problem all his life. It is hard to treat because it may simply be due to how the patient is “wired”. In other words, it may simply reflect the structure of the nerves in the penis.

Secondary premature ejaculation refers to a problem that developed later in life. It is an acquired problem that may have different underlying causes. Secondary premature ejaculation is much more amenable to treatment.

At Lazare Urology, we are committed to providing the highest level of urology services to patients. There are several different treatment options available for premature ejaculation. In this article, our Brooklyn urologist for premature ejaculation explains the key things to know about secondary premature ejaculation and discusses the core treatment options.

Know the Causes of Secondary Premature Ejaculation

A man who is experiencing acquired premature ejaculation has developed an undesirable sexual function that he did not previously have to deal with. According to a study published in the Journal of Translational Andrology, and Urology (TAU), some of the leading causes of secondary premature ejaculation include:

New Partner: Premature ejaculation can sometimes be an issue for a man with a new partner. As long as sexual intercourse continues between the man and woman, this form of secondary premature ejaculation can be often be resolved on its own.

Depression, Anxiety, and Other Mental Health Issues: Premature ejaculation can be a symptom of depression, anxiety, and other related mental health disorders. These disorders may need to be treated directly for secondary premature ejaculation to improve. Some form of mental health counseling and/or medication may be appropriate.

Sexual Performance Anxiety: Performance anxiety in bed can cause sexual issues, including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Performance anxiety may be addressed through counseling, therapy, or anti-anxiety medication.

Erectile Dysfunction: It is not uncommon for erectile dysfunction to be the root cause of premature ejaculation. Men who have trouble getting an erection with a partner may be closer to orgasm once they are finally able to achieve that erection. A New York City urologist can help treat the erectile dysfunction problem which could improve the premature ejaculation issue.

There are Three Ways to Treat Premature Ejaculation (And You Can Use Them All)

As with other types of sexual functioning issues, premature ejaculation must be treated on a case-by-case basis. The proper strategy to deal with premature ejaculation will depend entirely on the root cause. The true cause needs to be identified so that the issue can be treated in the most effective manner. If you have secondary (acquired) premature ejaculation, you are a strong candidate for treatment. There is likely an option out there that will work for you. Premature ejaculation treatment generally involves one or more of the following three strategies:

Medication: The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved a prescription drug for premature ejaculation. However, medication may still be a viable option in your case. If your premature ejaculation is related to erectile dysfunction (ED)—either for physical reasons or performance anxiety reasons—medication may help you address the problem. It is an option worth discussing with your New York City urologist. A doctor can help you determine if medication is appropriate in your case.

Behavioral Therapy/Changes: Behavioral therapy and behavioral changes can help you treat secondary premature ejaculation. Ultimately, acquired premature ejaculation frequently has some form of a behavioral cause. First and foremost, porn-watching and masturbation habits should be evaluated to determine if they are contributing to the problem. Second, there may be strategies that you can use to better control yourself during sexual activity with a partner.

Psychological Therapy: Finally, many patients can benefit from seeking psychological therapy for premature ejaculation. When premature ejaculation has been acquired as a secondary condition, it usually means that there are psychological factors involved. Among other things, you may have too much stress and/or negative emotions or anxieties that are associated with stress. A urologist can help you figure out if psychological therapy is a reasonable option in your case.

How Brooklyn, NY Urologist Dr. Jonathan Lazare Can Help

Premature ejaculation can be a difficult condition to deal with—especially for men who have suddenly developed an issue. As a board-certified New York urologist and a nationally-recognized expert in men’s sexual health, Jonathan Lazare, MD can help you find the right solution for your circumstances. More specifically, our New York City urologist is prepared to:

  • Listen to your story and answer your questions during a strictly confidential consultation;
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your sexual health and medical history; and
  • Devise a treatment plan that works most effectively for your specific situation.

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At Lazare Urology, our New York urologist has extensive experience helping men who are dealing with premature ejaculation and other sexual health issues. If you have any specific questions or concerns about secondary premature ejaculation and the available treatment, we are here as a resource. Give us a call or connect with us online for a strictly confidential appointment. We help people resolve premature ejaculation in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and throughout the region.

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