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What vitamins are good for erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common issue among men, and it affects millions across the world. The good news is you can take control of the situation and get better erections. All you need to know is how to improve your lifestyle and eating habits to help get rid of the condition.

One of the most common questions men who have erectile dysfunction ask is, “What vitamins can help get rid of erectile dysfunction?” This article looks at some of the different vitamins you can take to better the situation. Read on for more information.


Some studies indicate that a Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to erectile dysfunction. However, questions still exist regarding the efficacy of vitamin d supplements in improving blood flow and solving erectile dysfunction.

According to research, men with erectile dysfunction often have lower Vitamin D levels than those with solid erections. Available evidence suggests that atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and erectile and erectile dysfunction have several similar risk factors.

Additionally, studies indicate that erectile dysfunction is one of the most common markers of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease in men. Low vitamin d levels are connected to higher atherosclerotic disease risks, and making lifestyle adjustments and taking Vitamin D supplements can make things better.


Vitamin B3, commonly known as Niacin, helps in lowering the blood levels of:

  • Bad lipids
  • Cholesterol
  • Fats

Due to this, some studies have been conducted to determine its impact on erectile dysfunction. Men with high levels of blood lipids also have a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. Studies done to assess the effect of vitamin B3 on erectile dysfunction show that it can enhance penis function among patients with erectile dysfunction and high blood lipids.

However, it only showed great results among patients with moderate to severe cases of erectile dysfunction. Those with minor issues showed no significant improvement.


Vitamin A works as an antioxidant and plays a vital role in maintaining the good health of the skin, bones, and tissues. While studies have shown that sexual performance and the ability to achieve or sustain strong erections would drop with low levels of vitamin A, no evidence exists to show that Vitamin A supplements help with erectile dysfunction.


Over the past few decades, vitamin E has strongly connected to enhanced sexual activity among aging males. Suggestions have been made concerning the oxidizing properties of Vitamin E and how vitamin E supplements can help with erectile dysfunction. Studies have backed these claims, and Vitamin E supplements have shown desirable results in treating erectile dysfunction.

In summary, erectile dysfunction affects millions of men across the world. Vitamin supplements can help you get better erections, and effectively solving erectile dysfunction, especially among aging men.

If you have a hard time maintaining or achieving a stable erection, you may have erectile dysfunction. If you have doubts or think you may have a different problem, you can visit a Urologist in Brooklyn, New York.