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Jonathan Lazare, MD

Male Infertility

Dispelling Four of the Most Common Myths About Male Infertility

If you and your partner are struggling to get pregnant, you are far from alone. Infertility is an issue that impacts many couples in New York and throughout the United States. It can be an emotionally challenging and overwhelming experience. There are many myths and misconceptions about infertility—especially male infertility.

At Lazare Urology, we are committed to providing top-quality, personalized services to patients. Our urology team wants to make sure that you have the knowledge, tools, and resources that you need to connect with the right treatment options. In this article, our New York urologist for male infertility clears up four of the most common myths about male infertility.

Infertility Only Affects Women

False. One of the most common myths is that infertility only (or primarily) impacts women. This is simply not the case. As a starting point, infertility is an issue for a couple, not merely an individual. Beyond that, both men and women can have issues with fertility. It is a relatively common condition that impacts a lot of people. As explained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), somewhere between 5 percent and 10 percent of adult men in the U.S. have issues with fertility.

Male Infertility Means Sterility

False. If you and your spouse or partner are having a hard time getting pregnant, you may come across the terms “infertility” and “sterility.” It is important to emphasize that these two terms are not synonyms. Although you may hear them used interchangeably in some casual conversations, that is an error. They refer to two distinct medical issues:

Sterility: Sterility is the inability to produce a child. A man who is sterile is simply not physically capable of producing a biological child.

Infertility: Infertility is a term used to describe sustained trouble to conceive. A man can be labeled as infertile if he has a problem conceiving a child after a year or more of trying.

It is All Genetics—Lifestyle Has No Real Impact

False. You may hear that infertility is simply the “luck of the draw” — that it is merely an issue of genetics and that lifestyle factors do not really play a role. While there are absolutely genetic and biological factors that impact male fertility, the reality is that lifestyle can make a major difference in a man’s fertility. Remember, infertility is not the same thing as sterility. Any improvement in a man’s fertility has the potential to make a real difference. It could make it possible for a man who is struggling to get his partner pregnant to conceive a child. Here are some lifestyle issues that have been shown to make difference regarding a man’s fertility:

Smoking: There are several reliable studies that have demonstrated that smoking has an adverse impact on male fertility. A man struggling with fertility should quit smoking. Of course, there are many other health benefits associated with quitting cigarettes as well.

Obesity: Obesity is linked to many different adverse health issues. Research is now demonstrating that it has an unfavorable effect on male fertility. Once again, there are other health benefits associated with dropping excess weight.

Improved Diet: Regardless of weight, a man’s diet may have an effect on fertility. An improved diet, including reducing certain saturated fats, has the potential to make a positive impact on fertility.

While lifestyle changes can make an impact, it is important to clarify that these differences tend to exist at the margins. For many men who are looking to conceive a child with their partner, lifestyle changes alone may not be sufficient to overcome a fertility problem.

There are No Effective Treatments for Male Infertility

False. There are some medical interventions that can help to effectively address male infertility. Whether any of these interventions will work in a specific case depends on the underlying cause of a man’s fertility problems. It is strongly recommended that you and your partner sit down with an experienced urologist. A New York urologist will be able to conduct a comprehensive medical examination to determine the best course of action.

As an example, a medical condition called varicocele is the root cause of infertility for some men. Put simply, varicocele refers to enlarged veins that drain the testicle. The condition can increase the temperature of the testicle, decrease oxygen delivery to the testicle and interfere with sperm production. There is a medical procedure available called a microscopic varicocelectomy which can help address this condition. The procedure can be performed in the hospital or in an office operating room. It can cure male infertility if varicocele is the underlying cause.

How Board-Certified New York City Urologist Dr. Jonathan Lazare Can Help

Infertility is a serious issue for many couples. It can cause a tremendous amount of emotional trauma. As a New York board-certified urologist and a nationally-respected expert in male sexual health, Jonathan Lazare, MD has the expertise that you can count on. When you reach out to our urology team, you will have an opportunity to consult with a Brooklyn urologist who can:

  • Listen to your story and answer your questions;
  • Help you identify the extent and source of the infertility issues; and
  • Develop the treatment plan that is most effective for your situation.

Male infertility is a complex, multi-faceted issue. A one-size-fits-all approach is not good enough for couples who are looking to get pregnant in the near future. Dr. Jonathan Lazare and his urology team are committed to providing personalized, top quality services to men who are dealing with infertility issues in New York.

Get Help From a Urologist for Male Infertility in Brooklyn, NY

At Lazare Urology, our New York urologist has deep experience helping families with male infertility. If you have any specific questions or concerns about male infertility and the available treatment options, we are available to help. Give us a phone call today or get in touch with us online to schedule a fully confidential appointment. Our urology practice helps patients with male infertility in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and throughout the entire region.

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