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Jonathan Lazare, MD

Preparing For Your Visit

Preparing for your visit

At Lazare Urology, we offer our patients the opportunity to take advantage of top-quality, high-end telehealth services. You can schedule an initial consultation, attend follow-up visits, and receive ongoing treatment support from the comfort of your own home. Telehealth prevents you from having to travel to a doctor’s office or spend time sitting in a waiting room. This provides privacy when dealing with personal and potentially sensitive issues and offers additional protection in dealing with the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Telehealth is particularly well-suited to addressing issues with the urinary tract and reproductive systems. Dr. Jonathan Lazare, a board-certified urologist based in Brooklyn, New York, and a renowned expert in men’s sexual health, is happy to offer telehealth services to his patients. Finding out more about urological conditions that can be diagnosed, managed, and treated through telehealth can benefit you and how to prepare for your visit with Dr. Lazare.

Preparing For A Telehealth With Our Urologist

  • Add online appointments to your calendar.
  • Try to use the best camera you can find.
  • Test the camera in advance.
  • Test the sound and video on your device.
  • Use the best internet connection possible.
  • Charge your device.
  • Find a quiet space and adjust lighting.

Other than the technology, preparing for a telehealth visit is much the same as visiting a doctor in person. Steps to take in advance include:

  • Make a list of your current symptoms, with details about when they started and severity;
  • Detail past diagnostic tests or treatments and any medications you are taking;
  • Jot down questions you want to ask;
  • Consider your goal in terms of treatments;
  • Be thorough in filling out your medical history and providing the doctor with information about your diet, hobbies, and anything else that might be vital to your visit.

Contact Us Today for Help

To find out more about erectile dysfunction and treatment options, call or contact Dr. Lazare and book a telemedicine appointment There are no other national websites offering these types of visits with an experienced, board-certified urologist. Take the first step and reach out today.

— Model, not actual patient