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What is No Longer Necessarily True About Circumcision

In the past, almost every parent in the United States had their baby boy circumcised. Circumcision refers to the removal of the foreskin, which is the skin that covers the tip of the penis. In the past, it was often done for religious or personal reasons but today, circumcision is not as common.

Many parents have concerns about circumcision. They may think they are harming their baby but the procedure offers many benefits. There are some myths about circumcision, though. Here are some things that are not necessarily true about circumcisions.

Circumcision is Purely a Cosmetic Procedure

While some people may claim that a circumcised penis looks better, circumcision also has medical benefits. Not only does it make the penis easier to clean, but it also reduces the risk of :

  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Certain cancers, such as penile cancer

Circumcision Affects Sexual Function

Numerous medical studies have prove that circumcision has no effect on sexual function, sensitivity, or satisfaction. Men who are circumcised are able to obtain an erection and have children. Circumcision does not affect any of these aspects at all. Your child will not “miss out” on anything.

Circumcision Increases the Risk of STDs

Many people believe that circumcision can increase the risk of STDs and infections, but this is not true at all. In fact, studies have shown that circumcision offers some protection against HIV, herpes, syphilis, and human papillomavirus (HPV). Women who have sex with circumcised men also gain extra protection against these diseases. However, circumcision does not fully protect against STDs, so it’s a good idea to use a condom during sexual intercourse.

Circumcision Leads to Injury

Circumcision is a routine procedure. It’s rare for a medical professional to cause injury or disfigurement to the penis when performing the procedure. Circumcision is very safe when performed by a competent doctor in a sterile environment. In fact, an uncircumcised penis is more likely to suffer injury. Zipper injuries are especially common.  

Your Child Should Decide for Himself

While there are some things a child should decide on their own, circumcision is not one of them. This procedure is best performed when the child is a newborn. It’s much easier. Circumcision is a lot harder and comes with more risks when the boy is a teen or adult. Plus, it may not be covered under your medical insurance unless your son has a medical condition that necessitates the circumcision.

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Parents heavily debate circumcision. Many are for it, while many are against it. The truth is that the benefits outweigh the risks. If you are considering doing it for your son, it’s better to do it as a newborn. 
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